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Small Business Bundles

bundles-plus_icon_green_rgb Small Business Bundles – Internet and Phone

Small offices need to be able to do it all – just like larger businesses – whenever and wherever employees work. From local and long-distance phone service to high-speed Internet, we can deliver your total telecom package for a reasonable price. Plus, we can offer add-ons and features to help you design the right solution customized for your business. Our small business bundles can also be right-sized for home offices.

Here’s why you should consider combining FairPoint phone and Internet services:

  • It makes financial sense – It’s often cheaper to get all your services from one provider.
  • It’s easier to manage – Any upgrades or changes, as well as any issues with your services, are resolved by one company. Plus, with all your services in one place, it makes budgeting and tracking easier.

Learn about special offers on a small office-home office bundle in your area or contact us now to speak to a representative.

internet-hsd_icon_darkblue_rgb_large Internet – Fast, Dependable Internet that Grows with Your Business

Want to get fast, efficient small business Internet solutions that meet your needs today and can grow with your business?

You’ve come to the right place. Through our fast, reliable fiber-based network, we deliver scalable high-speed business Internet service at speeds up to 1 Gig in available locations. Whether you need simple Internet access or two-way high-speed data transfer capabilities, we have your needs covered. Learn more about our business-class Internet packages.

phone-_icon_brightblue_rgb_largePhone – Reliable Connections, Locally or Internationally

If you can’t connect confidently, it’s time to find a new connection.

Whether you do business across the state, country or globe, the reliability of our voice services ensures that your connection is clear and dependable. And with free, customizable features and affordable comprehensive small business voice solutions, paying too much for phone service will be a thing of the past. Learn more about the phone services that can be part of your business bundle.



At FairPoint Communications, we are committed to helping businesses learn how they can become more productive, efficient, resourceful, and profitable with the right telecommunications mix. We’ve created this educational content just for you.



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