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Remote Hands


Our highly qualified Advanced Services Team provides rapid 24×7 response to ad-hoc requests or ongoing maintenance for your data center equipment and related components in FairPoint Communications’ data center.  Our trained IT personnel can help you troubleshoot problems and perform a number of tasks to keep your IT equipment running. Whether you need to reboot a server or swap out cabling and hardware, our professional staff is at your service!


Benefits of Remote Hands

You can rely on our highly trained technicians 24/7 for things such as:

  • Cross-connect installations
  • Infrastructure data cabling
  • Emergency equipment replacement
  • Circuit testing
  • Device support: rack and stack, break fix, hot part replacements, power cycling (reboot), shipping and receiving
  • Media management with audit trail
  • Cabinet power strip energizing
  • KVM availability
  • Cycling power on your equipment
  • Visual equipment checks
  • Attaching monitor, keyboard, mouse, or consoles to equipment
  • Replacing your hardware components with spares / upgrades
  • Changing labeled cables
  • Rotations of your label media (tapes, CDs)
  • Loading of media (tapes, CDs, DVDs, or USB media)
  • Troubleshooting of physical ports, including non-RagingWire provided telecommunication circuits
  • Entering commands according to your detailed instructions and relaying system responses
  • Executing built-in diagnostics according to your instructions
  • Perform other tasks requiring a similar skill level where immediate action is required

Remote hands benefits



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