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Ethernet Services - EDIA

With FairPoint Communications’ Ethernet connection, your business data gets the VIP treatment

  • Symmetrical speeds backed by a service level agreement
  • Virtually unlimited bandwidth – up to 10 Gig – to meet your business needs
  • 24/7 local support to help you set up and manage your connections

Your business deserves a connection that will allow you to perform and compete at peak efficiency. With a business-grade Ethernet connection from FairPoint Communications, you’ll discover dependable speeds, service and capabilities – all backed by a 99.999% core network availability. More than 90% of our central offices are equipped with technology to deliver Ethernet-based services, which not only provides access to exceptional bandwidth, but also enable FairPoint Communications’ suite of cloud and managed services.



FairPoint Communications’ Ethernet Dedicated Internet Access (E-DIA) provides true business-class Internet connectivity and enhanced productivity through a dedicated connection to FairPoint Communications’ fiber network that ensures symmetrical bandwidth for both uploads and downloads, greater cost efficiency and business-class reliability. Delivered over FairPoint Communications’ robust fiber network, E-DIA offers a platform for your data communications needs with a range of scalable bandwidth options.


If you utilize an E-LAN to connect all of your sites, you can deploy a single E-DIA connection and share Internet access across all the locations. This allows you to purchase a single, larger bandwidth connection, which is more efficient than purchasing a separate connection for each site. It also allows you to manage one firewall to protect your business from viruses.




Benefits of Ethernet Dedicated Internet Access

reliable ethernet Reliable
We stand behind the service and back it with a rigorous Service Level Agreement, delivered over a core network with 99.999% availability.
Dedicated Connection Dedicated Connection
You get the performance you pay for without connecting to the open Internet or sharing bandwidth at peak usage times with neighboring businesses.
Symmetrical Connections Symmetrical Connections
Use the same high-speed service for both downloads and uploads.

Seamless Integration Seamless Integration
Easily integrate with additional data and voice applications, including voice over IP, managed services and more.
Trusted CustomerRelationships Easy to Manage
We take the complexity of managing a router out of our customers’ hands and provide proactive trouble ticketing, full management and maintenance of the router, and a Managed Services Web Portal so customers can view usage and performance 24/7.
Scalable Highly Scalable
You can easily adjust your bandwidth from 3 Mbps to 1 Gbps or more, so you get and receive data at the speed of your business.


Technical Comparison


E-DIA offers significant advantages vs. other technologies.


E-DIA DIA over T1 Internet (DSL or Fiber)
Speed Dedicated speeds ranging from 3 Mbps to 1 Gbps and beyond Up to 9 Mbps 768K – 100 Mbps download
128K – 50 Mbps upload
Symmetrical  upload/download speed Quoted bandwidth is for both uploads and downloads Quoted bandwidth is for both uploads and downloads Not symmetrical
Scalable Turnkey Requires installation of additional equipment Limited
Seamlessly works with other services Easily integrate with additional data and voice applications Limited ability to integrate with additional applications Stand-alone service
Levels of internal expertise Native LAN EEE standard requires minimal expertise Requires additional IT experts to manage separate customer-provided equipment and network Limited
Customer care support 24/7 dedicated business support center 24/7 dedicated business support center 24/7 dedicated business support center



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