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Network Investment and Expansion


FairPoint Communications’ Network Investment

Since April 2008, FairPoint Communications has invested more than $900 million in communications infrastructure and technology to reach new customers, upgrade our network and expand high-speed Internet service in the communities we serve. Our efforts have also included building thousands of miles of new fiber. We now have approximately 18,000 route miles of fiber in northern New England. Our fiber already directly connects more than 100,000 businesses in our service area.

What It Means

FairPoint Communications’s fiber-based network is the largest in northern New England and can provide Internet speeds of up to 10 Gbps to customers, enabling next-generation mobile and cloud-based communications, such as hosted voice, SIP trunking, and data center and managed services. And because we own and manage the entire network end-to-end, we can fully support and bundle our services to provide a more seamless and simple customer experience.

What It Means


Working with Communities for Continued Improvement

Government leaders across the country are looking for ways to improve access to high-speed Internet services. A movement of municipalities that want to build their own networks to expand or improve Internet access has started to take hold nationwide, including in some of the markets we serve. Towns are seeking to improve the quality of life for their residents today and to attract economic development to their communities to secure that quality of life in the future.

Although we believe that we are well-positioned in our role as a service provider to build, manage and maintain the network for our customers, we are glad to assist municipalities considering their own network development projects. First and foremost, it’s important for municipalities to understand the network infrastructure that is already in place to make sure they are using taxpayer dollars to expand – not duplicate – network access. Read our Thought-Starters for Municipalities Considering Network Development Projects.

Contact FairPoint Communications for a complete network evaluation so your town can ensure that decision-makers have all the information necessary to help them make an informed choice on behalf of their local businesses and residents. We can also customize your network expansion options to meet your needs and budget.

Choose FairPoint Communications for Network Development Projects

  • FairPoint Communications is already in your community. We operate the largest fully-owned and managed fiber-based network in northern New England with approximately 18,000 route miles of fiber. And, while fiber is an increasingly important part of the high-speed Internet equation, don’t forget that new technologies will continue to unlock the hidden value of existing copper networks through advanced DSL technologies. We encourage towns to invest public dollars to enhance the existing network versus investing public dollars to directly compete with privately built networks.
  • FairPoint Communications knows how to build, manage and maintain networks long term. There is no need for towns to take on the substantial cost and risk of building and maintaining their own networks. Choose a proven service provider like FairPoint Communications with the infrastructure, experience and scale to serve you now and into the future. But don’t take our word for it – some of the region’s largest healthcare providers, government agencies and businesses trust us with their networks. For example, we are connecting more than 300 healthcare facilities through our relationship with the New England Telehealth Consortium. We also deliver the IP-based NG911 systems that serve the public safety needs of Maine and Vermont.
  • FairPoint Communications serves entire communities – even rural and remote areas. Since 2008, we’ve increased high-speed Internet availability in our service area to 90 percent. And, our last-mile reach provides access to 95 percent of businesses in the region. We believe that a successful broadband development model assumes a balance between serving those customers who are most profitable/easiest to serve and serving those customers that are least profitable/most costly to serve.
  • FairPoint Communications is an experienced, committed partner. With more than 100 years of telecom industry experience and more than 20 years of experience operating in northern New England, we are here to stay and grow with your community. In fact, since April 2008, we’ve invested more than $1 million per week in communications infrastructure technology to reach new customers, upgrade our network and expand high-speed Internet. We provide the network, services, expertise and ongoing support to ensure we meet the needs of communities today and tomorrow.

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