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Managed Wireless LAN

Evolve Your Wireless Internet Access and Evolve Your Business

Not long ago, wireless internet access, or “Wi-Fi”, was a nice perk. Today, it’s a business necessity. Pretty much every organization has it. But there are some big differences between the Wi-Fi you know and the managed Wireless LAN solutions of the future.

FairPoint Communications’ Managed Wireless LAN solutions provide a robust, reliable and secure business Wi-Fi signal for a single office, a building or even an entire campus of buildings and outdoor spaces. Using a laptop, tablet or smartphone, you’re able to access the Internet at the same speeds as if you were working from a wired desktop. Go to the warehouse, the lunch room, a conference room – your wireless Internet connection is always ready and always fast.

With a cloud-based solution, businesses can turn to FairPoint to handle the day-to-day management of their wireless LAN. This centralized management is cost-efficient for customers without the in-house resources or expertise, and ensures any issues can be resolved quickly. Plus, stateful firewalls at wireless endpoints enhance security while 802.11ac compatibility ensures support for gigabit speeds. That’s up to triple the capacity of older networks – for more users, more devices and more content!

WLAN benefits

Business Reasons to Consider FairPoint’s Managed Wireless LAN

These business reasons are often cited for considering a cloud-based, managed wireless LAN solution:

  • Existing wireless network doesn’t support high-bandwidth applications and access devices (video streaming, Voice over IP, IP surveillance)
  • Need to support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives
  • Need to improve wireless security
  • Have lean IT staff or desire to focus IT staff on core initiatives – outsources network management
  • Need to shift CapEx to OpEx – lower total cost of ownership than outdated in-house wireless networks
  • Need to cost-effectively enhance existing cabling infrastructure that may not support advanced applications or that would be prohibitively disruptive or costly to replace
  • Want to avoid technological obsolescence and forklift upgrades

Prime Candidates for FairPoint’s Managed Wireless LAN

As more and more employees and business patrons use their connected devices from the office or while shopping or waiting for service, wireless mobility that supports high-bandwidth requirements is crucial. Many schools are turning to wireless networks to support digital curriculum requirements. And property managers for condos and business parks now see excellent wireless internet connectivity for their tenants as a differentiator from their competitors.

Whether you’re a small business with one location and one access point or an enterprise with hundreds of locations and many access points per location, FairPoint’s Managed Wireless LAN solution provides a scalable network for connectivity anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

Prime candidates for managed wireless networks have one or more of these things in common:

  • Require access for a significant number of wireless devices
  • Have multiple sites with each location supporting wireless devices
  • Operate within a campus environment
  • Want to upgrade existing wireless networks based on older standards
  • Want to prepare for what 802.11ac has to offer, but without having to make a significant investment in a network upgrade
  • Operate an outdoor venue that requires ruggedized access points and specialized equipment

Industries Experiencing Increasing Demand for Wireless Access and Mobility

  • Healthcare
    wireless internet for healthcare
  • Higher Education
    wireless internet for higher education
  • Multi-Dwelling Units
    wireless internet for hotels and condominiums
  • Stadiums
    wireless internet for stadiums
  • K-12 Classrooms
    wireless internet for classrooms
  • Workplace Wearables
    wireless Internet supports wearable connected devices in the workplace

Key Benefits & Features of FairPoint’s Managed Wireless LAN

Benefits Features
Flexibility Cloud-based management and control

Choice of managed or on-premises solutions that support BYOD and offer campus-wide coverage

Performance 99.99% uptime guarantee

Wireless access points

  • 802.11n and 802.11ac compatibility
  • Dual-band access points support the 802.3af/at PoE standard
  • Strong end-user authentication support, and stateful firewalls to ensure the integrity and security of the network

Server-based virtual controller

  • Optimizes performance through separation of control and data planes
  • Load balancing among different endpoints
  • Automatic failover if an endpoint becomes disabled.
Top-Tier Support Remote and on-site surveys

Proactive 24/7 monitoring

24/7 help desk support – only vendor in market to offer

Priority technical support response times

Simplified upgrades

Multi-country support

Equipment repair or replacement on newest models

Next Business Day or 4-hour Advanced Hardware Replacement

24/7 monitoring of network, hosted cloud management infrastructure, alerts, and access to priority tech support

Configuration back up to the cloud

Remote design and configuration assistance

Test and turn-up of new or add-on network elements

Advanced Reporting Multi-level reporting with detailed usage statistics to the access point level

Custom dashboards with at-a-glance view of system/network health

Security Secure architecture that detects and prevents malicious threats from entering the network

Comprehensive user authentication options

Support for multiple encryption protocols

Traditional Wi-Fi versus FairPoint’s Managed Wireless LAN

Not sure if a Managed Wireless LAN solution is right for your business? Here are some of the biggest differences between a Traditional Wi-Fi deployment and FairPoint’s Managed Wireless LAN.


Traditional Wi-Fi Managed Wireless LAN
Large number of wireless access points controlled via one single point of failure — a hardware-based controller. Designed to remove the single point of failure with redundancy built into a cloud architecture.
Devices pass radio frequency yet don’t tend to have intelligence built into the device. Designed to scale and be future-proof with firmware upgradeable wireless access points rather than requiring forklift upgrades every 3-5 years.
Was a convenience built into the existing network that over time became more robust, yet often lacked analytics Not a convenience but rather an extension of the LAN to bypass cabling of the entire infrastructure.
Data pass-through is only as good as the technology, which has to be updated every 3-5 years. Wireless access points often have a built-in firewall to provide protection throughout instead of through a controller.
All intelligence is built into the single point of failure device, which often is limited to a single site per controller. Data and management functions go through the same device. Separation of data and control planes through a cloud-based controller leads to more efficient streams.


Assess Your Need

Contact us for a free technology evaluation and we’ll help you determine if FairPoint’s Managed Wireless LAN is right for you.

Here are some things you’ll want to consider:

  • How old is your existing wireless infrastructure?
  • Is your existing wireless infrastructure based on older technology standards that max out your speed capabilities?
  • Do you have areas that need improved coverage?
  • How is the performance of your Wi-Fi network? Does it meet your needs?
  • Who is your current Wi-Fi hardware vendor?
  • Do users complain about difficulty logging on or speed while connected?
  • Are you considering a technology refresh of your Wi-Fi equipment?
  • Do you currently just offer employee access or do you have separate guest access?
  • Do you plan to implement or are you in the process of implementing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies? Are you using Point of Sale (POS) terminals or deploying new POS terminals?
  • Who manages your Wi-Fi network?
  • Would you like someone else to manage your Wi-Fi network?
  • Do you require wireless access for a significant number of wireless devices?
  • Do you have multiple business locations that support wireless devices?
  • Do you operate within a campus environment or a multi-tenant unit?
  • Do you operate an outdoor venue that requires ruggedized access points and specialized equipment?
FairPoint’s Managed Wireless LAN access points and customer portal




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