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Managed WiFi Cost Benefits

Do you need to upgrade an obsolete WiFi network, but concerned about the up-front costs? With a managed WiFi solution, you can shift high, up-front capital expenses to a more predictable and manageable operating expense model that may help reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

Here are some of the cost benefits of a managed WiFi solution:

  • In-house WLANs require investments in equipment, maintenance, monitoring and IT staff. But when you deploy a managed WiFi solution, you leverage the service provider’s infrastructure, network management and expertise.
  • As wireless technology evolves, businesses will be pressured to upgrade their networks. But upgrading can be expensive. With managed WiFi, upgrades may be included. Service providers are better positioned to keep up-to-date with wireless innovations and industry best practices.
  • With a managed business WiFi service, you won’t have to invest in additional IT staff – and your existing IT staff is freed-up to work on more strategic initiatives.
  • Finally, the cost of downtime can’t be ignored. If your wireless network goes down, you can suffer lost employee productivity, missed sales opportunities, a disruption in service delivery, and harm to your reputation.
WLAN benefits

Work with a Trusted Service Provider FairPoint Communications’ Managed Wireless LAN solution can translate into better wireless service and lower costs compared to purchasing, configuring, managing and upgrading an in-house wireless network. FairPoint offers fully managed, business WiFi with unmatched scalability, flexibility, security and reliability.

Contact us for a free technology evaluation, and we’ll help you determine if FairPoint’s Managed Wireless LAN is right for you.



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