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Traditional Business Voice Solutions

For more than two decades, FairPoint Communications has delivered reliable, affordable and easy-to-use voice communications services. Today, FairPoint still offers a business phone service perfectly suited to your needs – whether you have one or one hundred employees, a single location or many, or work from a small or home office.

With FairPoint, you can choose traditional voice service that’s as simple as picking up your phone. Need a more sophisticated business phone solution? We’ve got you covered with a wide selection of advanced features. You’ll have access to a variety of flexible plans and pricing.

Whatever business phone service you select, your business will always get clear connections, convenient calling features and exceptional dependability. An added benefit to traditional voice service is that you may still be able to make and receive calls using your landline phone during a power outage.

Traditional Voice Products

  • Reliable Phone Lines: Don’t want to over-complicate your business phone service? You can still get reliable phone service at a price you can afford. Get as many or as few phone lines as you need without purchasing or leasing special equipment. With our business customers in mind, we designed a flexible and budget-friendly phone solution providing a variety of optional features.
  • Customized Call Management for Multiple Lines and/or LocationsCentral office exchange (Centrex) phone service allows a customer to have station lines with many standard features included for a set price. Centrex is an ideal solution for organizations that require many lines and phones deployed in single- or multi-location applications and that make a lot of calls both inside and between their office locations. With Centrex service, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of truly customizable call management without having to purchase a Private Branch Exchange. Plus, Centrex systems are easy to manage and reliable because they are fully managed by FairPoint within our secure Central Offices.
  • Digital Solutions for Voice and Data for Multiple Lines and/or Locations: Integrated Services Digital Network Primary Rate Interface (ISDN-PRI) service provides high-volume access to the public switched telephone network. A PRI-based phone service is perfect for businesses with multiple locations or that have many lines in one location and high call volume. It’s a cost-efficient and flexible solution that offers unlimited local calling, popular features and business-class, all-digital access for voice and data applications. Because each PRI supports up to 23 individual access lines, you can use the same highly reliable PRI to support IP phones, analog phones, wireless devices, video conferencing and more. 

Add calling plans and additional features to traditional voice services:

  • Long-Distance Calling Plans: Need to connect with a customer in a neighboring state? Or even a vendor in a neighboring hemisphere? No problem. With a variety of plans, term lengths and optional features to choose from, you can build the long-distance business voice solution that works best for you, whatever the size of your business. You can have the right number of lines for your business without having to purchase or lease special equipment.If you need international voice service, it’s available for an additional charge. FairPoint’s long-distance calling plans deliver unmatched convenience for business customers. Check for promotional offers available in your area.
  • Toll-Free Calling: Toll-free numbers aren’t just for late-night infomercials. Give your customers a reliable way to connect with you. At the same time, equip your business with a cost-effective way to manage telecom expenses. Our platform is designed for flexibility – from basic 800 numbers to advanced features for monitoring, routing and reporting — we’ll match you with an option that fits your business. We offer competitive rates and a variety of spending plans and terms. Vanity number selection and national toll-free listings are also available.
  • Audio and Web Conferencing: Now you can collaborate real-time with multiple employees, vendors and business partners from virtually any location. Our easy-to-use audio and web conferencing tools are secure, fully automated and available 24/7. No reservations required and nothing to download or install. You’re always ready to go, whether you’re meeting on the fly or running a session that’s been on the calendar for months. We offer multiple plan options – each based on monthly usage. Best of all, there’s no term or volume commitment required, so use as much (or as little) as you need.
  • Remote Call Forwarding: Has your business recently moved locations? Do you have advertising in-market that includes an outdated telephone number? Do you operate your business seasonally? Do you want a telephone number to show that you do business locally? What if you need to work remotely? If you answered yes to any of these questions, FairPoint’s remote call forwarding feature might be right for you. Remote call forwarding allows you to send incoming calls at one telephone number to another number at a different location so you never miss a call.
  • Directory Listings: Make sure your business shows up where your customers are looking. By advertising in your local print and online directories, your business can be easily found by local customers who are ready to buy.



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