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Centrex Phone Service

We’ll manage your calls – you manage your business.


Thanks to FairPoint Communications’ Centrex phone service, your business will enjoy all the benefits of truly customizable call management.

Centrex offers business productivity features similar to our Integrated Services Digital Network Primary Rate Interface (ISDN-PRI), but without the need to purchase a Private Branch Exchange (PBX).

Centrex provides switching at FairPoint Communications’ Central Office instead of at our customer’s location.  We own and manage all the backend communications equipment and software.  This allows us the ability to manage and deliver various optional features as you choose.  Centrex emulates a PBX by providing a rich variety of features to help our customers manage their calls.

Centrex uses traditional telephone lines.  It can deliver individual lines over traditional copper pairs or multiplex a number of lines over a single fiber optic or copper link.

Centrex Phone Benefits

Benefits of the Centrex Phone Service

Centrex is an ideal solution for organizations that require many lines and phones deployed in single or multi-location applications and that do a great deal of intra- and inter-site dialing.

Centrex provides the following benefits and more:

  • System is fully managed by FairPoint Communications within our Central Office, which is physically secure and reliable
  • Customers do not have to purchase any special equipment; they can use a regular phone that can be bought at any retail store
  • Unlimited in the number of lines that can be added
  • Competitive usage rates for local and long-distance calling
  • Mobility through call forwarding feature
  • Maintenance and upgrades are handled by FairPoint Communications

Our packages include installation of up to 12 standard features like call forwarding and three-way calling, along with optional features like automatic callback and caller ID – so you can add or drop stations, lines or features without changing your equipment. Add a local and long-distance calling package to complete your system.

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