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Integrated Services Digital Network – Primary Rate Interface

Integrated Services Digital Network – Primary Rate Interface (ISDN-PRI), is an end-to-end digital phone system, making it cost efficient and flexible to accommodate voice and data traffic.


Our Private Branch Exchange (PBX)-based ISDN-PRI service offers unlimited local usage and popular features, as well as business-class all-digital access for voice and data applications.


Benefits of an Integrated Services Digital Network – Primary Rate Interface

ISDN-PRI is ideal for businesses with multiple locations or with many lines in one location and high call volume. You can utilize 23 full channels as dedicated, two-way bandwidth for faster data transfer, information sharing, real-time bandwidth adjustments and connectivity to multiple locations. And because each PRI supports up to 23 individual access lines, you can use the same highly reliable PRI to support IP phones, analog phones, wireless devices, video conferencing and more.

Benefits of an Integrated Services Digital Network



Digital communications are more efficient than analog communications. Since the communication remains digital during transmission, it gets completed at a faster rate.


Cost Effective Cost effectiveness
The installation of a digital ISDN-PRI network can replace twenty-four analog cards with one digital card. This helps reduce hardware costs for an organization that has a big telephone system and needs to manage different kinds of data transmission. The feature-rich service also helps reduce add-on costs for important services like videoconferencing.


reliable ethernet Reliability
The architecture of ISDN-PRI service makes it easier to fix than other types of communication networks, which provides a high degree of availability and accessibility for customers to reach your business.


flexible Flexibility
The ISDN network or data transmission channels can be flexibly configured to accommodate more or fewer channels.


Robust Features

  • Direct inward dialing – Allows everyone and every department to have its own telephone number.
  • Flexible inward dialing – Allows calls to be routed to various destinations based on time and day depending on the incoming caller ID.
  • Outbound transfer – Based on time of day, it allows incoming calls to be re-routed real-time outside the company without the caller knowing it. This helps for after-hours emergencies.
  • Altering outbound caller ID – Displays phone numbers to show the recipient the number is coming from a specific department or company. Allows masking over personal phone lines or cell phones to show department or company.
  • Multiple fax numbers – Allows converting incoming fax to PDF and then reroutes it to a recipient’s email.
  • Temporary Local Redirect (TLR) – Allows customers to redirect incoming calls. Helpful for routing emergency calls.
  • Instant CLID – Displays incoming caller information immediately with the first ring, allowing call centers to match the incoming caller to a database in order to provide the receiver information about the caller.

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