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Hosted VoIP Features

When you migrate to a hosted VoIP solution, you gain access to a wealth of essential business features. Leveraging these capabilities can improve efficiency, provide greater mobility, and save your company money.

Hosted VoIP offers:

  • Standard Features – Some of the basic features include voicemail, call waiting, call forwarding, call transfer, caller ID, and do-not-disturb.
  • Call Routing – You can route calls to wherever your staff is located. Connect with employees at the office, at home, on the road, and across different devices.
  • Follow-Me Service – Especially beneficial for mobile staff, this feature allows you to create a list of phone numbers used to find you. Incoming calls will be routed to these numbers in the order you requested
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) – Targeted to call centers, ACD systems route calls to agents using a variety of parameters, such as the first available agent or the best-qualified agent.
  • Auto Attendant – Like a digital receptionist, callers interact with a customized menu to choose an appropriate extension. Auto attendants help project a professional image and improve call handling efficiency.
  • Conferencing – A sought-after feature, conferencing can be initiated from any IP-enabled phone. Conferencing eliminates costly meeting and travel expenses.
  • Voicemail to eMail Transcription – Voicemail messages are transcribed to text and sent to your email inbox. Using this feature saves significant time and energy. You no longer have to make notes while listening to lengthy voice mails.
  • Music on Hold – You never should subject your callers to dead air or elevator music while on hold. Instead, you can choose the music you want to play or create a customized message.
  • Call Reporting – Hosted VoIP solutions typically offer reports that provide useful data on call activity. With this data, you can make better business decisions.
  • Call Screening – The system routes calls based on parameters you establish. Using caller ID, you can send identified callers to specific departments or staff.
  • Coaching Tools – If you run a call center, you can take advantage of cloud contact center solutions to help your agents provide the best service possible. Coaching tools let you listen to phone conversations, give advice to an agent on a call, and participate in a call between an agent and customer.





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