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Technology Solutions to Match Your Business Requirements

Every business is unique. So rarely does a one-size-fits-all business technology solution work in every situation. You may run your business from home or only during the summer months. You may need to entertain patrons in a waiting room or provide anytime, anywhere Internet access to visitors. Whatever the nature of your business, your technology solutions must address your precise requirements affordably and reliably.

FairPoint Communications offers a full range of data, voice and TV services to address a variety of business applications. With our affordable technology solutions, you can run your business the way it needs to be run – performing at the highest levels so you can accomplish your goals.

We’ve designed our technology solutions to meet the needs of several business applications, including:

  • SOHO – Whether you work from home or in a small office with a few employees, FairPoint offers the same advanced communications services we offer to larger businesses but on a scale and at a price that suits your needs.
  • Point-of-Sale Transactions – Whether you have a physical storefront or a solely online presence, we can provide the reliable connectivity and website hosting services you need to operate a reliable online store or support point-of-sale transactions in physical store locations.
  • Waiting Room – If your customers or patients must wait to see you, why not make their waiting time more enjoyable? FairPoint offers Wi-Fi access and TV services to entertain your waiting room visitors.
  • Wi-Fi – In today’s digital world, your customers and tenants expect constant connectivity. FairPoint will help you create a reliable, property-wide and fully-managed Wi-Fi service.
  • Seasonal Businesses – Do you close your business during certain times of the year? If so, we can reduce your phone and Internet service rate while you’re away and turn it back on quickly and easily when you return.
  • Remote Workers – From construction to real estate to retail, our reliable IT services can help businesses operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Call Centers – A unique combination of advanced technology and consulting services can help transform call centers into revenue-generating assets.


Whether you’re a sole entrepreneur or employ thousands of people, FairPoint’s business technology solutions will help your business succeed. Our services include:



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