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Technology Solutions for Wi-Fi Business Applications

As demand for wireless mobility and bandwidth grows, businesses must create scalable networks for connectivity, anytime and anywhere, from any device.

Here’s how employers, schools, entertainment venues, property managers and the service industry can utilize Wi-Fi service in their businesses.

Wi-Fi for Small Offices/Home Offices (SOHOs)

SOHOs can harness their high-speed Internet connections to deploy and use Wi-Fi in a variety of ways. For example, Wi-Fi can provide the basic office Internet connection for all your wireless devices, run security cameras, process mobile point-of-sale transactions or enable in-store mobile customer experience technology. Reliability, ease of setup/use and affordability are some of the key factors in determining a SOHO business provider.


Wi-Fi for Multi-Office or Campus Environments

Employees who work in an office need scalable, reliable wireless access at all locations within a building and even across an entire campus. No matter which wireless device employees are using, they expect to access the Internet at the same speeds as if they were working from a wired desktop. Whether they are in the warehouse, the lunch room or a conference room –employees need a wireless Internet connection that is always available and fast. And, if a connectivity issue does arise, employers expect priority technical support and quick response times from their service provider. Large employers with in-house IT departments may even need detailed reporting and usage dashboards to view system and network health to prevent network congestion and identify potential upgrades.

Employers must also ensure their wireless networks can support high-bandwidth applications and access devices to allow video streaming, Voice over IP (VoIP) and IP surveillance applications, for example. With more and more connected devices in the workplace and our growing dependence on wireless networks to conduct business, businesses also need solutions that detect and prevent malicious threats from entering the network while enforcing role-based access for guest and employee access.

We find that large employers are now looking for cloud-based managed wireless solutions partly because they can shift capital expenses to operating expenses, while moving away from in-house wireless networks. And, cloud-based solutions help companies avoid technological obsolescence and forklift upgrades in the future.


Wi-Fi for Property Managers

A recent study by Motorola Solutions1 found that more than 90% of business travelers want Wi-Fi access. One-third of the study’s participants even said they would not return to a hotel that didn’t offer Wi-Fi. Similarly, research conducted by NETGEAR2 concluded one in three people traveling for leisure would skip hotels with poor Internet access.

Therefore, Wi-Fi access is a must-have on your property’s list of amenities and it must be “up to speed.” Property managers for hotels, condominiums and office parks install reliable, property-wide Wi-Fi access to give guests the bandwidth they need to complete work assignments, surf the Internet, stream video, and keep them returning.

FairPoint Communications can help hotel and condo property managers set up a wireless network for guests in multiple rooms or buildings. Property managers can choose to offer either free or paid wireless access for guests, depending on their desired customer experience and revenue needs.

FairPoint can install and manage the Wi-Fi access points throughout your property or you can install and manage them yourself. Learn more about FairPoint’s Managed Wireless LAN solution.


Wi-Fi for Waiting Rooms

Consumers consider their entire service experience with your business – especially when they’re sitting in the waiting room. That’s why healthcare facilities, automobile repair shops and auto dealers, among others, should consider adding Wi-Fi for their waiting rooms. Today’s consumers expect to connect to the outside world while they wait.

FairPoint can help businesses set up one password-protected wireless network for employees and another open wireless network for visitors to use while they are on the property. It’s a win-win for all.


Wi-Fi for Restaurants, Bars and Entertainment Venues

People choose restaurants, bars and coffee shops with Wi-Fi hotspots and these features make a difference in whether they are a repeat customer. Businesses can advertise their free WiFi and use it as a differentiator, especially if other locations in the area don’t have it.

Once you get customers in the door, Wi-Fi is critical to keeping them connected and entertained so they will stay on site longer and, thus, purchase more goods and services. And if you use social media tools to enable your customers to identify they are at your business when they post messages, you can get some free marketing from your patrons who will identify they are enjoying their experience. If you’re concerned about security, just create a simple Wi-Fi password that you can give to customers.

Let FairPoint help turn your place of business into the local “hot spot” with our wireless network services.


Wi-Fi for Schools and Libraries

Wi-Fi solutions are transforming education – from online classes and textbooks to online testing initiatives. Although wireless access technology has been in schools for several years, earlier-generation solutions have not been robust enough to keep pace with growing mobility requirements. Today’s more advanced managed Wi-Fi technologies now provide the functionality, scalability and bandwidth to support an ambitious set of classroom mobility requirements. For many educational institutions, meeting these goals with in-house staff can be a tall order and striking the right balance between access and security can be challenging. Another challenge is ensuring network availability since learning is becoming so dependent on wireless network access during the school day.

To satisfy mobility requirements schools that may be constrained by available internal resources should consider managed wireless LAN systems. These services extend a school’s LAN infrastructure without the cost of network wiring, and support school and personal devices with secure wireless access to data and applications. Also, a school’s technology resources are freed from the daily operation and management of wireless infrastructure.

FairPoint’s Education Solutions Team would love to learn more about your education technology challenges and work with you to find the right solutions at the right price. Speak with one of our education technology experts today.

1 A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Motorola Solutions, April 2013

2 A commissioned study by Opinion Matters on behalf of NETGEAR, May/June 2014


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