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Technology Solutions for Seasonal Businesses

Do you close your business or limit operations during certain times of the year? If you rely on tourists, you may shut down in the off-season. But did you know that there is a way to keep your phone and Internet services up and running while you’re away –without paying full-price?

If you run a seasonal business that closes for an extended period, FairPoint Communication’s off-season service for phone and Internet provides a variety of benefits:

  • Convenience – All you need to do is let us know when you’ll be away and when you return. Just call us when you return, and we’ll make the switch to and from limited service. There’s no waiting to restore service.
  • Continuity – You don’t have to install, cancel and re-install services. With our off-season service, you keep your existing phone number so customers can find you when you reopen. Your email account even stays open so you can check your messages from another location that has Internet service while you are away.
  • Affordability – Why pay for full service that you won’t use? With FairPoint’s off-season service, subscribe to the service that fits your needs when you’re open for business and enjoy reduced rates when you temporarily close your business.

Off-season phone and Internet service is ideal for retail shops or restaurants in tourist towns, camp grounds, RV parks, and hotels and resorts in summer or winter tourist destinations.

Let FairPoint show you how to keep your phone and Internet service but pay less while you’re away. Off-season phone and Internet rates vary by service and location. Check seasonal plan pricing, read FAQs and learn how to enroll.



Through its fast and reliable network, FairPoint delivers a comprehensive range of affordable data and voice communications services to seasonal businesses.



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