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Technology Solutions for Call Centers


Call centers receive a high volume of calls daily. Often, operators struggle with call volumes that are not equally distributed. Callers experience long ring times or noticeable wait times before speaking with an operator to, which often leads to unhappy prospects and fewer sales.   Calls lack personalization. When operators speak with a caller, often they need to search the database to find the caller’s information.

Call centers require technology solutions to:

  • Identify and integrate the caller’s information with databases to display contact information automatically before the call begins
  • Allow callers to choose menu options to select the appropriate operator
  • Route and distribute calls based on best available person to handle the call to eliminate over burdening specific staff.
  • Automatically collect information to determine the reason for the call, and locate the best appropriate support resources.
  • Reduce caller wait times and multiple rings so callers maintain a positive experience.


 Technology Solutions for Call Centers



Through its fast and reliable network, FairPoint delivers a comprehensive range of affordable data and voice communications services to call centers.



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