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Technology Solutions for Construction and Special Trades Industries


Given the decentralized nature of the construction and special trades industries, companies often find communication with workers challenging. Workers are assigned to various job sites outside of the office and managers must travel to multiple locations to oversee projects.

Being out of the office to such a great extent requires tools to stay connected. Your team must stay in touch with their clients, vendors, subcontractors, government officials, project teams and company executives.

To stay competitive, construction and special trade companies require:

  • A simplified communication system with the same underlying infrastructure to connect the main office and multiple, changing job sites
  • Extension-to-extension dialing among locations for ease of use and cost control
  • Audio and video conferencing for quick, economical and effective collaboration
  • Streamlined communication through tools such as instant messaging and voicemail-to-email transcription
  • The ability to keep the same phone numbers and voicemail boxes from job site to job site
  • Fast networking setup between job site trailers and the main office
  • ‘Find me’ and ‘follow me’ voice features to ensure that your remote workers can be reached regardless of location




By providing better collaboration, increased efficiency and enhanced mobility, FairPoint Communications’ technology solutions play a critical role in the day-to-day operations of construction and special trade companies. Your business may have one or two field workers in a small local community or hundreds of field workers and job sites spread across several states. No matter your size, we deliver customized business solutions to keep your employees connected and communicating wherever they’re located.


Whether you’re a sole entrepreneur or employ thousands of people, FairPoint’s business technology solutions will help your business succeed. Our services include:



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