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Technology Solutions for Manufacturers


Finding faster, more efficient ways to keep your business connected is the bottom line – so all suppliers and customers are within reach.  Engineers, product development and customers need to collaborate on made-to-order new product designs. With so much on the line, manufacturers rely on FairPoint to design and maintain a cost-efficient network that fast-paced businesses need to keep their competitive edge.

In addition, it’s burdensome to maintain technology and keep it current.

To stay competitive manufacturers require:

  • Voice and data communications that help support efficient supply chains
  • Adaptation to new technologies
  • Network protection from natural disasters and technology
  • Ability to transfer calls from office to remote locations
  • Data Center Services to reduce cost of maintaining an in-house data center
  • Managed services for maintaining IT infrastructure
  • VoIP calling system to forward and manage calls when in the field





Through its fast and reliable network, FairPoint delivers a comprehensive range of affordable data and voice communications services to Manufacturing companies.



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