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Technology Solutions for Real Estate Firms


Real estate agents are constantly on the move, but they can’t afford to miss a client call or be out-of-touch with their office, even at a showing or closing. Missed calls can equal missed offers. And when they can’t immediately connect with a buyer or seller, agents need the capability to quickly and easily respond to messages. In real estate, success depends on staying connected and informed wherever work takes you.


To stay competitive, residential and commercial real estate companies require:

  • Mobility and Ease of Access –Working remotely requires business phone solutions that enable anytime, anywhere connectedness. It’s the perfect scenario for cloud-based Voice over IP service. FairPoint Communications can help real estate firms implement a Hosted PBX solution that uses special features and call clarity to ensure your remote workers never miss an important call. It’s the only time in real estate when location doesn’t matter. Here are some important voice features that real estate firms should enable:
    • Simultaneous ring: One feature lets agents have calls ring to their desk and their mobile phone simultaneously – so they are always within reach of a calling customer. Best of all, clients only have to remember one phone number.
    • Call jump: This feature transfers the call seamlessly from your office to your mobile phone (and back) without the caller even noticing.
    • Voicemail with notification management: If agents happen to miss a call, they can receive an email transcription of any voice mails so they can more easily follow up with every caller.
  • High-Speed Connections in the Office – With so many real estate websites driving consumers to information about properties for sale or rent, agents must stay on top of new listings in real time. A reliable, business-class high-speed Internet service enables agents to view online information and to send and receive electronic files from law offices and their clients.
  • Futureproof Technology and Flexibility – Consider technology infrastructures that can grow as your business grows and bring mobility to your communications through web-based call control tools, PC soft clients and mobile phone and tablet applications. You’ll also want the ability to tailor features to individuals or groups in your organization.

FairPoint delivers technology solutions for the real estate industry that serve the needs of a single residential agentor a global team of commercial agents. We provide the mobility, speed and feature-rich functionality you need to manage your clients and grow your business.



Whether you’re a sole entrepreneur or employ thousands of people, FairPoint’s business technology solutions will help your business succeed. Our services include:


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