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Hosted PBX Solution Provides Blockbuster Savings for Local Box Office

New case study highlights transformational benefits from a Hosted PBX solution
FairPoint Communications has developed a case study to discuss the before and after scenarios involved in a Hosted PBX transition. Titled “Hosted PBX Solution Provides Blockbuster Savings for Local Box Office,” this new resource summarizes how and why this local box office selected Hosted PBX over upgrading to a new on-premise PBX solution.

This case study will cover the following:

  • Business challenges resulting from the existing on-premise PBX
  • The Hosted PBX solution FairPoint implemented
  • The Hosted PBX benefits leveraged to transform the customer’s business

Complete the short form on the right for your copy of this new case study. Learn how FairPoint’s Hosted PBX solution saved this local business from making a huge investment in an on-premise PBX system.

Download this Whitepaper now.

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