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Using Hosted PBX to Empower Your Remote Workforce

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Can you connect your employees regardless of their location? Are you able to attract the best candidate for the job from across the globe? Are your employees always accessible even when working from home or traveling?

A hosted Private Branch Exchange (PBX) solution leverages innovative technologies to enhance collaboration among geographically dispersed employees. By providing access to phone system functionality from any location, hosted PBX solutions help keep everyone connected and productive.

A hosted PBX allows employees to do their job from outside the main office. It enhances accessibility, while helping improve performance and foster greater job satisfaction – since your workers are no longer tethered to an office desk.

FairPoint Communications’ latest white paper will discuss how your business can use a hosted PBX solution for remote workforce initiatives. Topics include:

  • Why Leverage a Remote Workforce
  • Using hosted PBX Solutions Let You Hire Anyone Regardless of Location
  • Bridging the Distance with Advanced Features
  • Ensuring consistent, Responsive Customer Service
  • Monitoring remote Employee Productivity
  • Streamlining phone Service Costs and Simplify Billing
  • How businesses in three industries leverage hosted PBX

With the information provided, you’ll learn how hosted PBX solutions can help support remote workers and benefit your business. As cited in this guide, studies confirm that allowing employees to work remotely can improve morale, reduce turnover, enable you to hire the best workers without geographic constraints, increase worker productivity, lower office space costs for, and promote environmental initiatives by lowering the number of commuters.

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