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How to Ensure IT Resiliency and Business Continuity

When it comes to disaster planning, businesses in the past focused on recovery. They put their efforts into restoring their IT operation as quickly as possible after an unexpected outage.

However, today’s successful businesses concentrate on developing effective business continuity strategies. They want to maintain operations before, during and after an outage. They focus on ensuring critical systems and information remain connected and available across all company locations at all times.

FairPoint Communications’ latest white paper examines a number of relevant topics related to business continuity, including:

  1. What Causes Data Center Outages?
  2. The Impact of Power Outages
  3. What Can Your Organization Do to Prevent Downtime?
  4. How to Choose the Right Data Center for Business Continuity

Proper business continuity programs keep your operations running, regardless of disruptive events. Whether an equipment component fails, your facility loses power or the location experiences a hurricane, you’ll have the right plan in place to maintain your mission-critical operations.

This new white paper provides the important information you need to know about business continuity. By citing industry studies and expert opinions, as well as offering sound recommendations, you’ll have access to a valuable resource for your disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

FairPoint Communications’ data centers provide strictly controlled environments with essential power, cooling, connectivity and physical security features. Organizations select FairPoint for a number of reasons, including the company’s superior network and access to high-speed services, local support, its broad portfolio of services, proven expertise and competitive pricing. For more information on data center colocation services, visit

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