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Municipal Data Center Risk Assessment Tool

New: Municipal Data Center Risk Assessment Tool  

Every data center operation faces risk – with some confronting much higher threat levels than others. Do you know where your municipality falls on the data center risk continuum? Low? Medium? High?

To help you gauge the level of risk your data center operation is currently facing, FairPoint Communications developed an easy-to-complete online questionnaire. By answering nine multiple-choice questions, you’ll gain helpful insight into your municipality’s risk exposure – high-, medium- or low-risk.

The nine questions pertain to areas that commonly contain vulnerabilities in many data center operations. These include the following:

  1. Location of Compute and Storage Resources
  2. Disaster Recovery
  3. Physical Security
  4. Compliance
  5. Power Infrastructure Reliability
  6. Environmental Controls
  7. IT Talent
  8. Scalability
  9. Network Services

Weaknesses in any of these areas can lead to performance issues within the data center and the municipality as a whole. The greater number of weaknesses uncovered from the assessment translates into a higher risk operation.

To gain valuable insight into your data center operation, complete the short form on the right for access to the Municipal Risk Assessment Questionnaire. You can also learn more here about the benefits of data center colocation.

FairPoint’s data centers provide strictly controlled environments with essential power, cooling, connectivity and physical security features. Businesses and government agencies select FairPoint Communications for a number of reasons, including the company’s superior network, local support, broad portfolio of services, proven expertise and competitive pricing. For data center colocation services that address your remote storage, off-site IT and disaster recovery requirements, consider FairPoint Communications.

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