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Top Five Benefits of Data Center Colocation

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Every business is different in terms of what they need from their data center. However, today more than ever, most companies are weighing the pros and cons of investing in their own data center and realizing they have other viable options.

Many pitfalls face companies that decide to build, manage and maintain their own data center facilities. To ensure you realize the advantages of implementing a data center colocation strategy, we’ve developed a new white paper that highlights what you can expect when you outsource your data center services. Titled “Top Five Benefits of Data Center Colocation,” this new resource covers cost, security, scalability, cloud migration and disaster recovery. Specific topics include:

  • Data Center Colocation Offers a Cost-Effective Approach for IT Expansion
  • Data Center Colocation Addresses Physical Security Requirements
  • Scalability in Data Center Colocation Models Allows Business to Expand Easily
  • Data Center Colocation Provides both an Alternative and Bridge to Cloud Migration
  • Data Center Colocation – An Essential Part of an Effective Disaster Recovery Strategy
  • Why FairPoint Data Center Services?

Data center colocation offers a way to enhance your IT infrastructure without incurring a significant capital expenditure. In addition to licensed space tailored to your requirements, you have access to advanced features such as power, cooling, physical security, and connectivity.

FairPoint’s data centers provide strictly controlled environments with essential power, cooling, connectivity and security features. Businesses select FairPoint for a number of reasons, including a superior network, local support, a broad portfolio of services, proven expertise and competitive pricing.

For data center colocation services that address your remote storage, off-site IT, and disaster recovery requirements, consider FairPoint Data Center Services. Visit for more information, or complete the form on the right to schedule a time to speak with a local representative.

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