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Using Next Generation Technology Services to Solve IT Budget Challenges

Is your agency or institution facing financial constraints? Are budget pressures limiting your IT investments? Can you demonstrate the value proposition from leveraging technology services?  

Many organizations face budget constraints, especially government and education entities. But that doesn’t necessarily mean these organizations have to forego innovation and access to advanced technologies. In fact, increased financial pressures should increase an organization’s interest in leveraging technology.

FairPoint Communications has developed a new resource to help your organization use IT investments to overcome challenges and accomplish goals. Titled “Using Next Generation Technology Services to Solve IT Budget Challenges,” this new white paper outlines how data, voice, data center, and managed IT and professional services can reduce IT spending by decreasing capital expenditures, improving productivity and streamlining operations.

This resource is targeted to municipalities and other local government organizations, as well as K-12 schools, regional school districts and higher education institutions, such as community colleges, state colleges and universities. Specific topics discussed include:

  • Top Technology Goals of Gov/Ed Entities
  • Understanding the Constant Financial Pressure on Gov/Ed Organizations
  • Major Issues Affecting Gov/Ed Technology Initiatives
  • How Advanced Technology Services Solve Key Gov/Ed Challenges
  • How Government Programs Can Help Organizations Leverage New Technology
  • Organizations Using Technology Services to Solve IT Budget Restraints
  • Why Consider FairPoint Communications for Your Next-Generation Technology Services

With the right partner and proper implementation, investment in technology services can provide a foundation for long-term cost savings. In addition, outsourcing data, voice, data center and/or managed IT and professional services can improve the productivity of your employees and enhance the services you provide to the public.

To learn how your government agency or educational institution can capitalize on emerging technologies, request the FairPoint Communications white paper today!

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